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Creators of the Future: Glucose Vision Interview

In the first segment of the Peer Network Program’s “Creators of the Future” series, we sit down with Liam Bell, one of the co-founders of Glucose Vision, to discuss the development of the application specifically designed to help manage diabetes using photo-recognition technology. Bell is developing the application with his co-founders and fellow FEAS alumni, Osama Muhammad and Muhammad Khan.

As a TMU FEAS graduate, we asked Liam about the resources the school and faculty offered to advance his work with Glucose Vision, why he decided to get into this field of work and how other students can start similar projects.

“Creators of the Future” is a series where the Peer Network Program highlights and interviews engineering and architecture students and alumni from around the world to discuss their innovative work in the field and how their student success helped them in their achievements. The aim is to showcase the work of young engineers and architects while also inspiring students looking to engage in similar work.

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